About Us

GoGetDo connects you with people in your area to help each other out.

Post your task on GoGetDo and get your bed assembled, internet fixed, lunch delivered, things moved, tax help or finally clear your basement out once and for all. 

We connect you with skilled and reliable people who want to help you get your things done so you don’t have to. What’s more, we leave it up to you to choose who you think is the perfect person for the job by viewing their profile that shows their skills, languages and ratings when they apply.

GoGetDo does the hard work of verifying the integrity of our users by putting in place safeguards that ensures our users essential information is correct and their payment details are safe and secure.

All whilst providing easy access to flexible and fair work opportunities.

Use your talent as a GoGetter to earn money by helping those around you. 

Work when you want and do the things you’re best at, while being paid what you deserve.

Take charge of your schedule with GoGetdo!